Administrative Assistant

Full Time
Closing date 31/12/2023
Published on 05/09/2023

Job Description


The Administrative Support  is responsible for all management KPIs, Statistics and management document up to date. He / She is responsible to publish and record all produced document. He /She is accountable to provide to all department useful KPIs, Data to allow production managers, leaders to manage SR Technics Malta production. He /She is also responsible to prepare and save all management meetings minutes.


This function required confidentiality. The nominated persons will not be allowed to communicate, to share or send data to internal or external person(s) without Head of Production Manager approval. All created documents, files, folders must be protected by defined password.


Main Tasks

  • To promote a positive Safety Culture and to ensure that Safety and Quality Policy is communicated /    promoted and implemented within the Organization.
  • To ensure that all elements of the SMS are properly implemented, maintained, and continuously improved by fulfilling all SMS related duties and responsibilities as defined in SMS Manual.
  • Provide required KPIs, Meeting minutes, documents as per agreement and management requests.
  • Ensure on time delivery of required support, document, meeting minutes, datas.
  • Support Head of Production, Head of sops managers on their daily administrative work.
  • Maintain Production boards updated on daily basis.
  • Maintain his / her office, desks in accordance with SR Technics Malta 5S policies


Position Key Accountabilities

  • Safety: Prevent inadvertent or hazardous operation leading to injury or loss of personnel or equipment.
  • Quality: Stick to the established approved standards and processes
  • Delivery: Ensure documents, KPIs, meeting minutes and data are provided on time and in a professional manner that reflect SR Technics policies, standards.
  • Costs: Be active in improving work efficiency and use the available time productively.
  • People: Be self-motivated and continues to develop oneself.
  • 5S: Manage and keep housekeeping of the assigned working area, office and or desk.

Position Key Requirements and Competencies

  • Good command of verbal and written English.
  • Be IT Literate.
  • Proficient in MS Office.
  • Positive attitude and solutions orientated.
  • High degree of customer focus, both internal and external.
  • Proven ability to work under pressure.