Tool Crib Supervisor

Full Time
Published on 13/12/2023
On Premises

Job Description


The Tool Crib Supervisor is responsible to upkeep and control the ToolCrib. The Tool Crib Supervisor will be willing to guide, train and support his team members and is highly motivated to help our company to fulfill its larger mission.   

Main Tasks

  • Evaluate and fulfill the tooling and equipment requirements of the SR Technics network;
  • Purchase tooling and equipment as required by internal stakeholders;
  • Monitoring of tool loans;
  • Maintain a tool database in order to keep track of all tooling;
  • Monitor that all tools and equipment are well kept and stored;
  • Ensure employees adhere to company policies;
  • Conduct performance reviews, motivate team members and create strategies to boost productivity;
  • Promote a positive safety culture and to ensure that the safety and quality policy is communicated, promoted and implemented within the organization;
  • Engage in other duties and/or projects as may be assigned from time to time;
  • Promote a positive Safety Culture and to ensure that Safety and Quality Policy is communicated/promoted and implemented within the Organization;
  • Ensure that all elements of the SMS are properly implemented, maintained and continuously improved by fulfilling all SMS related duties and responsibilities as defined in SMS Manual;
  • Engage in other duties and/or projects as may be assigned from time to time.

Position Key Requirements and Competencies

  • Have a technical background and possess experience of working with tools;
  • Be able to multi-task and work under pressure;
  • Be computer literate with strong knowledge of MS office applications;
  • Be able to communicate well in English;
  • Have good leadership skills.
  • English